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Hi! I am a Human-Technology Interaction master student and innovative entrepreneur specialised in human factors, usability and user experience. I develop systems from a user perspective, such that the workflow is as efficient and pleasant as possible.

  About me

Born in 1991 I am in the first generation that grew up with the existence and availability of the internet. By the time I attended highschool I managed the skill of web development. It didn't take long for me to realise that there are so many systems out there that could easily be more usable if only developed from a user perspective. Within my summer jobs I found myself constantly analysing processes and thinking "why is this so complicated though the process itself is simple?".


This way of thinking resulted in developing a booking system for a major Dutch holiday resort and the reinvention of the content management system. Most CMSes are developed from a system's perspective with an abstract back-office system. Mine is just one's website, fully editable and 100% understandable.


Within my company Dielissen Internet Solutions I develop websites, web shops, and web applications. All websites and web shops are easily managable with MySWA, the most intuitive content management system. A recent web application project is a full-service narrowcasting system for retailers and health care.

  Web Development

The possibilities of the internet can be used to simplify tasks and workflows. You can save time by automating collection and processing of data, in its broadest sense.

A website is a person's or bussiness's online showcase. It would be a shame to fail to address a visitor's needs because of bad design or incomplete information.

  User Experience

In websites and web applications, user experience is important from all perspectives: users/visitors have to be able to use the website or tool and get the message, and administrators should be able to easily manage the website or application. For this to be possible, insight in all perspectives is important. I love to understand both companies and users to make the perfect match.


Designing user-friendly and user-centered interfaces is not purely based on intuition. The science of human factors is what interests me the most. To let users perform their tasks as efficiently as possible, you have to understand both the task, the technology, and - most importantly - how that user processes information and reacts upon its environment.

  Human-Technology Interaction

In 2015, I finished my BSc in Psychology & Technology at Eindhoven Universitity of Technology. In september I started the master program Human-Technology Interaction, in which I study how technology influences people and how psychological knowledge can be used to let people use technology as effectively as possible. I will graduate as an engineer in 2017.

  Psychology + Engineering = me

My study consists of a combination of psychology (e.g. neurology, cognition, perception), engineering (software sciences, web technology, security), entrepreneurship (bussiness organization, patents, marketing), and research (both quantitative and qualitative). With this cocktail of knowledge, I can be the bridge between the human and technology.

  Let's meet

The best conversations are face to face. Let's meet somewhere, for example in Eindhoven University of Technology's Innovation Lab.